MB07-R '94 Chevy Caprice Classic Police    2020    (MB1198)


MBUSA Newsletter numbering. Date of listing shown in parentheses.

MB07-R1 (12-19)

White, smoke windows, gray interior, "NYPD", ringed disc, white T base

MB07-R2 (12-20)

Silver blue, dark smoke windows, black interior, "MBX Marine Park", ringed disc, white T base (MBX Marine Park 5 Pack)

MB07-R3 (02-21)

White, smoke windows, black interior, "RCMP GRC Canada" & stripes, ringed disc, white T base

MB07-R4 (10-21)

"Bosque Security/ Taxi" (Gift Pack Exclusive)

MB07-R5 (04-22)

Black, smoke windows, dark gray interior, "Police" & white doors, ringed disc, black T base (Gift Pack Exclusive)

MB07-R6 (07-22)

Silver-gray, "Skybusters AFB Security"

MB07-R7 (02-23)

Silver-gray, blue windows, light gray interior, "Metro Police 70", ringed disc orange rim, chrome T base (City Drivers 5 Pack)

MB07-R8 (11-23)

Yellow, blue windows, black interior, "MBX County Fire", ringed disc, yellow T base (County Rescue Series)

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NOTE: corrected from MB07-T to MB07-R (02-20)

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