Matchbox by Mack number

MB01-F Jaguar XJ6 Police Car (updated 03-2007)

MB01-H Highway Rescue Fire Truck (updated 02-2016)

MB01-J Whistle Car (updated 04-2007)

MB01-M Fire Ladder Truck (updated 01-2012)

MB01-Q 1971 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (updated 03-2011)

MB01-R Fisker Karma (updated 08-2013)

MB02-J Badge Car (updated 03-2007)

MB02-N 1969 Cadillac Sedan Deville (updated 10-2009)

MB02-O 1964 Austin Mini Cooper 1275S (updated 07-2011)

MB02-Q Renault Master Ambulance (updated 02-2024)

MB02-R Meter Made (updated 10-2020)

MB02-S Ford Transit News Van (updated 08-2019)

MB03-A Mercedes Benz Ambulance (updated 03-2007)

MB03-D Hummer (updated 03-2007)

MB03-N Blaze Blaster (updated 03-2016)

MB04-I Fire Extinguisher (updated 08-2013)

MB04-Q 2015 Chrysler 300 (updated 09-2019)

MB05-G Flame Chopper (updated 05-2007)

MB05-H Audi RS Avant (updated 03-2020)

MB05-U 2019 Ram Ambulance (updated 02-2024)

MB06-E Ford SuperVan II (updated 07-2007)

MB06-I Artic Track Truck (updated 12-2008)

MB07-N Zamboni (updated 12-2016)

 MB07-R '94 Chevy Caprice Classic Police (updated 02-2024)

MB07-U MBX Rescue Dasher (updated 02-2024)

MB08-D Rover 3500 Police (updated 02-2014)

MB08-G Vauxhall Astra Police (updated 12-2009)

MB08-I Airport Tender (updated 03-2007)

MB08-S '76 Volkswagen MK1 GTI Golf (updated 09-2021)

MB08-T '06 Ford Crown Victoria Police (updated 02-2024)

MB09-N 2008 Corvette ZR1 (updated 01-2012)

MB09-T Seagrave Fire Truck (updated 02-2024)

MB10-C Gran Fury Police Car (updated 12-2014)

MB10-N 1957 Custom Ford 300 (updated 02-2024)

MB11-H BMW Police Car (updated 12-2012)

MB11-I Wrecker Truck (updated 03-2007)

MB11-J Emergency Response Vehicle (updated 09-2020)

MB12-D Citroen CX (updated 06-2007)

MB13-C Snorkel (updated 04-2007)

MB13-O Unimog (updated 02-2024)

MB15-D Ford Sierra (updated 07-2007)

MB15-K Ford Transit Van (updated 03-2007)

MB16-E Ford LTD Police Car (updated 04-2013)

MB16-H Car Carrier (updated 06-2007)

MB17-F Dodge Dakota (updated 03-2007)

MB17-I 1999 Ford Mustang (updated 06-2007)

MB18-C Fire Ladder (updated 01-2020)

MB19-H 1947 1/2 Chevy AD Pickup (updated 10-2020)

MB20-B Police Patrol (updated 08-2018)

MB20-C 4x4 Jeep (updated 02-2024)

MB20-E Volkswagen Transporter (updated 10-2009)

MB20-J International Armored Car (updated 02-2016)

MB21-E Breakdown Van (updated 03-2010)

MB21-F GMC Wrecker (updated 02-2024)

MB21-I Ford Transit Ambulance (updated 09-2012)

MB21-K Tower Boat (updated 04-2007)

MB22-C Blaze Buster (updated 05-2011)

MB22-G Vectra/Cavalier GSi 2000 (updated 12-2014)

MB22-L Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia (updated 09-2021)

MB23-A Volkswagen Camper (updated 03-2010)

MB23-H Ford Box Van (updated 04-2007)

MB24-K Chevy Transport Bus (updated 11-2010)

MB24-N Rain Maker (updated 12-2019)

MB25-E Ambulance (updated 09-2021)

MB25-N Hummer H3 (updated 08-2019)

MB26-J Airport Fire Tender (updated 04-2007)

MB26-K Sport SUV (updated 06-2016)

MB26-L Police Hat (updated 04-2007)

MB26-N Ford Crown Victoria Police (updated 02-2016)

MB26-O Honda Civic Type R (updated 03-2010)

MB27-D Jeep Cherokee (updated 09-2021)

MB27-G Ladder Truck (updated 05-2007)

MB27-H Ford Falcon Police Car (updated 01-2010)

MB27-I Military Helmet (updated 04-2007)

MB27-K Fire Engine (updated 02-2014)

MB27-M Blaze Blitzer (updated 02-2024)

MB28-O Hot Head (updated 04-2007)

MB28-P Ford Transit (updated 03-2009)

MB29-A Fire Pumper (updated 04-2007)

MB30-F Mercedes G-Wagon (updated 09-2020)

MB30-I Chevy Tahoe Police (updated 02-2024)

MB30-K Cap 'N Cop (updated 04-2007)

MB30-L Dodge Magnum Police (updated 01-2020)

MB31-I Nissan Prairie (updated 04-2007)

MB31-M Beetle 4x4  (updated 04-2007)

MB31-Q Airport Fire Tanker (updated 02-2021)

MB31-S 1965 Austin Mini Van (updated 01-2012)

MB32-J 4x4 Fire Truck (updated 12-2014)

MB32-K Lincoln Navigator (updated 11-2009)

MB32-L 1965 Alpha Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA (updated 07-2011)

MB32-N MBX Flatbed King (updated 09-2020)

MB33-C Police Motorcycle (updated 02-2008)

MB33-G Utility Truck (updated 04-2007)

MB33-K Boom Fire Truck (updated 02-2008)

MB34-J Chevrolet Impala Police Car (updated 09-2020)

MB34-K Mercedes Benz E430 Wagon Police (updated 04-2007)

MB35-A Merryweather Fire Engine (updated 12-2008)

MB35-F Land Rover (updated 10-2021)

MB35-L Police Motorcycle (updated 04-2008)

MB35-M Holden Commodore Police (updated 04-2007)

MB35-R Holden VF Commodore SSV (updated 09-2023)

MB37-E Matra Rancho (updated 10-2009)

MB38-E Model A Ford Van (updated 12-2014)

MB38-F Ford Courier (updated 04-2007)

MB38-L Ford Panel Van (updated 01-2011)

MB38-P '57 GMC Stepside (updated 12-2023)

MB38-R BMW R1200 G-S (updated 02-2020)

MB38-Q Turn Tamer (updated 02-2024)

MB39-E Ford Bronco II (updated 04-2007)

MB39-M Skidster (updated 02-2024)

MB40-N Chevy Suburban (updated 03-2016)

MB41-C Ambulance (updated 03-2020)

MB41-F Jaguar XJ6 (updated 10-2009)

MB41-M Radar Jet Plane (updated 04-2007)

MB41-N Sea Rescue Helicopter (updated 05-2007)

MB41-S International Ambulance (updated 02-2024)

MB42-H Ambulance (updated 09-2021)

MB42-I 2004 School Bus (updated 12-2012)

MB42-M '16 Ford Interceptor Utility (updated 02-2024)

MB43-A Pony Trailer (updated 05-2007)

MB43-E Mercedes 500 SEC (updated 12-2009)

MB43-I Chevrolet Camaro (updated 09-2021)

MB43-K Sea Rescue Boat  (updated 03-2020)

MB43-L Ford F Series Fire Truck (updated 05-2007)

MB43-Q 1959 Dodge Coronet Police (updated 03-2024)

MB44-D 4x4 Chevy Van (updated 10-2009)

MB44-F Datsun Police (updated 04-2012)

MB44-H Model T Ford (updated 08-2013)

MB44-L Truck Camper Police (updated 02-2009)

MB45-B BMW 3.0 CSL (updated 04-2007)

MB45-K Subaru Impreza WRX Police Car (updated 02-2024)

MB46-B Stretcha Fetcha (updated 06-2007)

MB46-F Mission Helicopter (updated 03-2024)

MB46-H Chevrolet Tahoe (updated 02-2016)

MB46-L Ambulance (updated 12-2014)

MB47-E School Bus (updated 10-2009)

MB47-H Armored Response Vehicle (updated 03-2020)

MB48-L Hummer (updated 02-2008)

MB48-N Ground Breaker (updated 02-2016)

MB49-L Ford Interceptor Police (updated 02-2024)

MB49-M GHE-O Rescue (updated 08-2016)

MB50-E Chevy Blazer (updated 02-2024)

MB50-I Harley Davidson Electra Glide (updated 10-2009)

MB50-J '97 Ford F150 (updated 04-2007)

MB50-L Ford Expedition Police (updated 07-2011)

MB50-R Ford F-550 Super Duty (updated 03-2024)

MB51-K Ford Ambulance (updated 09-2020)

MB51-N Robot Truck  (updated 04-2007)

MB51-O Ford Falcon Police Car (updated 04-2007)

MB51-T Hazard Squad (updated 09-2021)

MB51-V Flame Smasher (updated 02-2016)

MB51-X Bay Brigade (updated 03-2016)

MB51-Y Jeep Cherokee (updated 09-2021)

MB52-B Police Launch (updated 02-2016)

MB52-I Troop Carrier (updated 04-2016)

MB52-L International Workstar Brush Fire Truck (updated 10-2020)

MB52-M Ford F350 Super Duty Superlift (updated 03-2024)

MB52-N Hardnoze (updated 09-2020)

MB53-I 1962 VW Beetle (updated 02-2024)

MB53-K Police Car (updated 12-2014)

MB53-L Utility Truck (Tanker) (updated 01-2012)

MB53-M BMW M5 Police (updated 02-2024)

MB54-A Cadillac Ambulance (updated 04-2007)

MB54-F Command Vehicle (updated 11-2009)

MB54-K Ford Crown Victoria (updated 10-2023)

MB54-O Tanker Truck (updated 02-2016)

MB54-T 1978 Dodge Monaco Police Car (updated 03-2024)

MB54-W Skyjacker '17 Ford F350 Super Duty (updated 04-2020)

MB55-A Mercury Police Car (updated 04-2020)

MB55-B Mercury Police Commuter (updated 04-2020)

MB55-T Land Rover Defender (updated 06-2016)

MB55-V Ford E-350 Ambulance (updated 12-2016)

MB55-W 1975 Mack CF Pumper (updated 03-2016)

MB55-X Snow Thrasher (updated 02-2020)

MB55-Y '33 Plymouth (updated 04-2020)

MB56-C Mercedes 450SL (updated 04-2020)

MB56-D Peterbilt Tanker (updated 04-2020)

MB56-N Bucket Fire Truck (updated 09-2021)

MB56-O Billboard Truck (updated 04-2020)

MB56-Q 1963 Cadillac Ambulance (updated 03-2016)

MB56-R Spark Arrestor (updated 03-2020)

MB56-S Speed Trapper (updated 09-2021)

MB56-T Scania P360 (updated 12-2022)

MB56-U '06 Ford Crown Victoria (updated 03-2020)

MB57-C Land Rover Fire Engine (updated 04-2007)

MB57-E Carmichael Commando (updated 08-2007)

MB57-H Mack Auxiliary Power Truck (updated 03-2020)

MB57-I Snow Groomer (updated 04-2007)

MB57-N Cadillac Hearse (updated 03-2008)

MB57-R Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Police (updated 01-2020)

MB57-T '51 Hudson Hornet Police (updated 01-2020)

MB58-E Mercedes Benz 300SE (updated 12-2009)

MB58-I Truck Camper (updated 02-2014)

  MB58-K International Armored Car (updated 02-2008)

MB58-O Tinforcer (updated 07-2019)

MB59-A Ford Galaxie Fire Chief (updated 06-2007)

MB59-B Mercury Fire Chief (updated 04-2018)

MB59-H Chevrolet Camaro Police Pursuit (updated 02-2016)

MB59-M Cycle with Sidecar (updated 05-2007)

MB59-N BMW X5 Police (updated 01-2020)

MB59-Q  SWAT Truck (updated 09-2021)

MB60-G Ford Transit (updated 02-2008)

MB60-K Rescue Chopper (updated 12-2009)

MB60-M Mobile Light Truck (updated 09-2023)

MB60-P Express Delivery (updated 02-2016)

MB60-Q Freightliner M2 106 (updated 02-2024)

MB60-R Subaru WRX STI Police (updated 09-2020)

MB60-S Ambulance (updated 03-2024)

MB61-C Peterbilt Wrecker (updated 03-2010)

MB61-E Nissan 300ZX (updated 05-2007)

MB61-P Dennis Sabre Ladder (updated 07-2011)

MB61-R Dodge Charger (updated 02-2014)

MB61-S Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 (updated 12-2010)

MB61-T 2015 Ram Pickup (updated 02-2024)

MB62-C Renault 17TL (updated 04-2007)

MB62-M Hovercraft (updated 02-2020)

MB62-O Nissan 350Z (updated 02-2024)

MB63-E Snorkel (updated 09-2021)

MB63-N Airboat (updated 12-2009)

MB63-O Rescue Helicopter (updated 03-2016)

MB63-R '15 Corvette Stingray (updated 09-2020)

MB64-C Fire Chief Car (updated 04-2012)

MB64-N '55 Ford F100 Panel Delivery (updated 12-2014)

MB64-O Dodge Charger Pursuit (updated 02-2024)

MB65-I Jeep Grand Cherokee (updated 05-2007)

MB65-M XScanner (updated 09-2020)

MB66-J Land Rover Freelander (updated 11-2009)

MB66-M Radar Truck (updated 04-2007)

MB66-P City Police Car (updated 04-2013)

MB66-Q Ambulance (updated 11-2010)

MB67-H Ford Expedition (updated 09-2020)

MB67-J Land Rover Discovery (updated 03-2020)

MB67-K Foam Fire Truck (updated 03-2020)

MB68-L Dennis Sabre Fire Engine (updated 07-2013)

MB68-M Jeep Wrangler (updated 12-2009)

MB68-Q Speed Boat (updated 07-2007)

MB69-K Hummer (updated 06-2007)

MB69-M 1956 Buick Century Police (updated 03-2024)

MB69-N Ford Panel Van (updated 12-2022)

MB70-J Chevy Silverado 4x4 Pickup (updated 06-2007)

MB70-M Seagrave Fire Engine (updated 02-2024)

MB71-M Jeep Liberty (updated 07-2007)

MB72-S VW Transporter (updated 04-2007)

MB72-Z 2006 Fire Engine (updated 12-2023)

MB73-N Hummer H2 SUV Concept (updated 12-2008)

MB73-O Hazard Squad (updated 02-2024)

MB75-C Sea Sprite Helicopter (updated 05-2007)

MB75-D Helicopter (updated 07-2007)

MB75-E Ferrari Testarossa (updated 06-2007)

MB75-K Water Pumper (updated 06-2007)

MB75-O Pierce Dash Fire Engine (updated 02-2024)

MB75-Q Yamaha Rhino (updated 10-2020)

MB75-R Ford E-350 Ambulance (updated 10-2020)

MB76-D International Pumper (updated 07-2020)

MB76-G Frost Fighter (updated 02-2020)

MB76-H Scrambulance (updated 02-2020)

MB77-C Mercedes Benz ML430 (updated 11-2009)

MB80-A Chevy Suburban (updated 09-2020)

MB81-E Ford F150 Animal Control (updated 02-2024)

MB83-B Lamborghini LM002 (updated 08-2019)

MB84-C BMW Police Cycle (updated 02-2020)

MB86-A 1999 Chevy Silverado Pickup (updated 12-2009)

MB87-B '95 Chevy Custom Van (updated 03-2024)

MB88-B 1963 Cadillac Ambulance (updated 02-2024)

MB89-B International Workstar Brush Fire Truck (updated 02-2024)

MB90-A Battering Ram (updated 08-2016)

MB91-E Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6x6 (updated 09-2021)

MB91-D Vantom (updated 03-2024)

MB95-B Ford Mustang LX SSP Police (updated 02-2024)

MB95-C VW Transporter Crew Cab (updated 02-2024)

MB96-B Jeep Willys (updated 03-2024)

MB99-D MBX Cycle Trailer (updated 03-2024)

MB100-A 1963 Mack B Model (updated 08-2019)

MB102-C Crime Crusher (updated 03-2020)

MB105-A Toyota Tacoma (updated 02-2016)

MB106-A Trail Tracker (updated 09-2021)

MB109-A 4x4 Scrambulance (updated 02-2020)

MB110-A Oshkosh M-ATV  (updated 09-2021)

MB111-A BMW M1 (updated 08-2016)

MB113-B Road Raider (updated 03-2020)

MB113-C Acre Maker (updated 07-2019)

MB114-B Badlander (updated 03-2020)

MB118-A Ford Explorer (updated 03-2020)

MB118-B 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 (updated 09-2022)

MB119-A Rumble Raider (updated 02-2016)

MB120-A Sea Spy (updated 03-2024)

MB215 Chevy Panel Van (updated 03-2024)

MB456 Pontiac Firebird SE Police (updated 06-2007)

MB457 Camaro IROC-Z28 Police (updated 06-2007)

MB460 1999 Mustang Police Car (updated 08-2013)

MB464 Chevrolet Corvette Police Car (updated 06-2007)

MB465 VW Concept I Police Car (updated 05-2007)

MB474 Ford Panel Van (updated 07-2019)

MB507 1955 Chevy Bel Air Police Car (updated 06-2007)

MB508 '33 Ford Coupe Police Car (updated 07-2013)

MB564b Wildfire Rescue (updated 05-2021)

MB75-R Ford E350 Ambulance (updated 03-2016)

MB743 Pony Trailer (updated 04-2020)

MB746 1939 Chevy Van (updated 03-2020)

MB901 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Taxi (updated 07-2019)

MB984 Rescue Helicopter (updated 05-2021, 09-2022)

MB987 Dodge Monaco Police Car (updated 05-2023)

MB1060 Ford Expedition (updated 07-2019)

MB1063 Emergency Rescue 4x4 (updated 01-2020)

MB1065 Flame Tamer (updated 09-2020)

MB1067 Spark Arrestor (updated 01-2020)

MB1111 Mercedes Benz Unimog (updated 02-2024)

MB1254 1950 Chevy Suburban (updated 08-2021)

RT01 Police Car (updated 06-2007)

RT02 Fire Truck (updated 06-2007)

RT05 Rescue Truck (updated 06-2007)

RT06 Wreck Truck (updated 06-2007)

FC01 Chevy Suburban (updated 05-2008)

FC02 Chevy Impala Police Car (updated 06-2007)

FC07 Jeep Grand Cherokee (updated 06-2007)

FC08 KME Fire Pumper (updated 06-2007)

FC22 Seagrave Meanstick Fire Truck (updated 12-2008)

RW003 Pierce Quantum Aerial Ladder (updated 08-2023)

RW015 Pierce Velocity 100' Aerial Platform (updated 02-2022)

RW018 Colet K/30E Jaguar (updated 11-2021)

RW022 E-One Mobile Command Vehicle (updated 10-2020)

RW036 Fire Stalker (updated 10-2020)

RW037 Rolling Raider (updated 09-2021)

RW047 Scania Tactical Command Center (updated 09-2021)

BR17/18 Fire Chief (updated 01-2012)

35236 Real Talkin' Police K-9 Search Unit (updated 03-2008)

CY7-A Ford Aeromax Tanker (updated 07-2007)

CY11-A Kenworth Helicopter Transporter (updated 03-2008)

CY13-A Peterbilt Fire Engine (updated 04-2013)

CY22-A DAF Boat Transporter (updated 07-2007)

CY33-A Mack Helicopter Transporter (updated 03-2010)

CY34-A Peterbilt Emergency Center (updated 07-2007)

CY39-A Ford Aeromax Box Truck (updated 03-2008)

(Numbering system is based on Charlie Mack's "Matchbox USA" monthly newsletters and Charlie Mack's The Big Book of Superfast Matchbox Toys 1969-2004 where noted)