MB106-A Trail Tracker    2015    (MB912)


MBUSA Newsletter numbering. Date of listing shown in parentheses.

MB106-A1 (05-14)

Red, "MBX Rescue", ringed flower - gold hubs

MB106-A2 (06-14)

Red, "MBX Rescue", ringed flower - yellow hubs

MB106-A3 (08-15)

Red, "MBX Rescue", 6 spoke utility - yellow hubs

MB106-A4 (08-15)

White, black interior, "Fire Rescue Forest Service", ringed flower - chrome hubs, dark gray T base (Mission Force: Fire Commanders)

MB106-A5 (10-15)

Metallic mint green, "Trail Tracker"

MB106-A6 (12-15)

Metallic tangerine, bright gray interior, diagonal stripes, 6 spoke flower - white hubs, black T base (Fire Brigade 5 pack)

MB106-A (nl?)

Same as MB106-A6, 6 spoke utility - white hubs

MB106-A7 (03-17)

Hazmat 5 pack

MB106-A8 (07-18)

Silver-gray, red interior, "Fire Rescue", ringed flower - gunmetal hubs, black T base

MB106-A9 (02-19)

Dark blue (repainted), black interior, "Arlington Heights", ringed flower - black hubs, black T base (CCI x10)

MB106-A10 (09-19)

Apple green, black interior, "SA Fire Service" & checkers, ringed flower - gray hubs, gray T base (MBX To The Rescue 5 Pack)

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