MB56-N Bucket Fire Truck    2002    (MB540/602)


MBUSA Newsletter numbering. Date of listing shown in parentheses.

MB56-N first shot

Blue, light purple plain base, light purple interior, light purple & salmon operating boom, clear windows, 4 spoke domed

MB56-N1 (04-02)

Red, gray C no batch # base, black interior, gray operating boom, amber windows, 4 spoke domed, “Water Dragons”

MB56-N2 (04-02)

Same as 1 with 50th logo

MB56-N3 (01-03)

Metallic red, dark gray interior, black operating boom, amber windows, 4 spoke domed, gray C batch # base, stripes & “Metro Alarm”

MB56-N4 (01-03)

Same as 3 with Hero City logo

MB56-N5 (06-03)

Metallic red, gray C batch # base, gray interior, white operating boom, amber windows, 4 spoke domed, “Liberty Squad Fire Company USA” (3 pack)


Casting re-tooled

MB56-N6 (10-03)

Bright blue, red interior, black stationary boom, red windows, 7 spoke sawblade, cream C no batch # base, “Aqua Force”

MB56-N7 (04-04)

Metallic bronze, black interior, gray stationary boom, red windows, 5 crown dot, gray C MB602 base, plane design & “Alarm” (Launcher)

MB56-N8 (08-04)

Red, yellow interior, white stationary boom, blue windows, 5 crown dot, chrome C no batch # base, “MFD E-121” & white stripes

MB56-N9 (10-04)

Same as 8, black boom (20 pack)

MB56-N10 (03-05)

Red, yellow interior, gray stationary boom, amber windows, 7 spoke sawblade, gray C no batch # base, “Alarm Unit SJL-706” & hoses/stripes design (5 pack)

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